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About STARmed



Incorporated in May 2011, STARmed has grown from 5 employees to more than 100 today, and floor space more than 30 times bigger.

This fast-growing success is attributed to our close affiliation with key Opinion Leaders in the field of Radiofrequency Ablation, and our passion in successful Patients’ Treatment. With their contributions of innovative ideas, our Engineers transformed them into dependable and effective Medical Devices, and we have earned ourselves no less than 10 Patents.

Originally focusing on Liver RF Ablation, we have gone a step further to develop the right electrodes and algorithm for Thyroid RF Ablation. In the short 8 years period, we have established ourselves to the Global Leadership in Thyroid RFA, and no less than 70% of Clinical Studies on Thyroid RFA are done with STARmed devices, with extremely promising Clinical Results and low Complication Rate.

STARmed is a family gathering of talented individuals passionately believing and innovating on the long proven Radiofrequency Technology for the past 10 years. We now have 4 different Generator Systems and more than 10 Electrode types in the market to serve different treatment needs.

Globally Recognized and Respected brand name in the Ablation Market, STARmed will continue to innovate and support the needs of Ablation Treatments.



  • Certification of small and medium-sized enterprises that are good to work for (Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • Confirmation of Innovation-type SMEs (Inno-Biz) (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
  • VENISTAR & VVR Generator KFDA, CE cleared
  • ELRA Electrode FDA 510K cleared
  • VVR Generator, VENISTAR, EUSTAR FNA CE cleared


  • Taxpayers' Day 2018 - Awarded by the Head of the National Tax Service for exemplary taxpayers
  • Certified Family-friendly company by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
  • star RF Electrode, VIVA RF Electrode FDA 510K cleared
  • EUSRA RF Electrode FDA 510K cleared
  • VIVA combo RF Generator Certified FDA 510K cleared


  • Commendation by the Minister of Health and Welfare (CEO)
  • 2017 Global Small and Medium Business Development Project Selection by Small and Medium Business Administration, Korea
  • Awarded Next Generation World's Top Product Selection by Medical Electrode, Ministry of Industrial and Commercial Resources, Korea


  • Further Expansion of Cleanroom at Daebang Triplaon
  • Goyang City Designation of Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Top Award for Exporting $5 Million by Korea International Trade Association


  • Top Award for Exporting $3 Million by Korea International Trade Association
  • Designation of promising small and medium-sized enterprises for export by Gyeonggi Provincial Small and Medium Business Administration
  • PMDA Certification and 1st commercial sales into Japan
  • VIVA multi RF Generator CE cleared


  • Top Award for Exporting $1 Million by Korea International Trade Association
  • Commendation of Export Promotion Companies by Director of Gyeonggi Provincial Small and Medium Business Administration
  • VIVA combo RF Generator CE cleared


  • Expansion of Clean Room on the fourth floor of Daebang Triplaon
  • Development of VIVA multi RF Generator
  • ELRA Electrode KFDA & CE cleared


  • STARmed moved to Daebang Triplaon with new Clean Room
  • Awarded Next Generation World's Top Product Selection by Ministry of Industrial and Commercial Resources, Korea
  • EUSRA RF Electrode CE cleared


  • STARmed Incorporated
  • First commercial shipment to Taiwan, Singapore, Austria, Philippines
  • Development of Octopus RF Electrode


  • First commercial shipment to Italy, India
  • Development of VIVA RF Generator and VIVA Pump
  • Development of star RF Electrode, star Bipolar RF Electrode, VIVA RF Electrode
  • Octopus RF Electrode, star RF Electrode & star Bipolar RF Electrode KFDA cleared
  • KGMP Certified


  • Start-up of STARmed
  • Development of SSP-2000 Generator
  • Development of Proteus RF Electrode (adjustable)


  • Development of Well-point RF Generator


  • Well-point RF Electrode KFDA cleared